You’re not too n0ob to blog – nor too senior.

You’re not too n0ob to blog – nor too senior.

I just finished a medium article about swallowing your fear and writing about the process as a newbie contributor. The author was talking to open source contributors, but I think the lesson is the same for anyone at a starting point in their career. Or a restarting point.

For any big change, be it a new job, a new skill, a new start, there is a sharp learning curve. But thing is, this curve does not need to be a sink or swim after your drunk uncle throws you into the deep end of the pool. Writing as a n0ob let’s you think through your process in a way that simplifies and explains things (because if you can’t explain it, you don’t understand it) to an imagined audience. It let’s you network with others in your field. It makes you find information to credit/source your writing. And it contributes to a body of work that is synonymous to your mom throwing the pool noodles into the deep end with you… you don’t have to figure out every thing every time. Nor does the person coming after you, nor the person after that.

The fear, at least it was for me, is just FEELING like too much of a n0ob to have anything to contribute (for me, after a shift in academic focus). But that in itself is a contribution. What you are having trouble figuring out or explaining is probably the same things someone else is having difficulty with. Write about it! Research what you don’t know. But, and this is the key, DON’T fake it. Be upfront about where you are in your own process. You won’t be a n0ob forever. (Although you may feel like one – we can talk about Imposter Syndrome another day 😉 ).

So having said that, I now need to listen to my own advice. I took a huge personal hit a couple of years ago that silenced my academic voice. It silenced my entire voice. But that hit has healed and now it is time to swallow my fear, learn new things, and share them with people who are also interested in doing cool things in the virtual.

So that being said…welcome to my new blog. I’m VRARkat. It is lovely to have you here. In this blog, we are going to delve into storytelling, representation, and empathy in virtual and augmented realities. And I can’t wait!!

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